skin to skin

Over the last year or so I've had multiple people reach out to me about what my skin care regimen is. It's always been a hodgepodge answer because I haven't really ever had a certain routine! Whatever works for the moment is my routine. I feel like my skin changes with the wind. The more attune with my overall health and wellness I become, the better I get to know my skin and it's been a good process of sifting through products while seeing how my skin reacts.  

While I don't have one routine, I do have a few products that I absolutely love and gravitate towards depending on what I feel my skin needs that day. But before that, I want to talk about different things in my life that contribute to my skin.  

DIET: if there is one thing that changes the appearance of my skin over night it's FOOD!!! Dang food. The source of life, even while I eat pretty clean theres always the delicious cheese, the greesey (gluten free) pizza, the organic chocolate bar (that still contains dairy!), that mojito (sugar hello)--IT ALL MATTERS. Every thing I put in my mouth affects me some how (you too, but with your own mouth lol). The more I eat a gluten free, vegan, plant based diet...sadly... the better my skin is consistently. Not to say I don't like eating like this, but it's hard to not just take bites of "bad" food! I'm human too, I like things that were created to taste good. But to obtain that glowy, soft, acne free skin, clean eating is best. It's the #1 thing we can do without buying a product, getting the facial, etc. 

INFRARED HEAT: I am in infrared heat for usually at leeeast 5-6 hours a week. The studio I work and practice at has panels and it's AMAZING. This was the first winter I survived without getting any sort of eczema, dried cracked knuckles, even chapped lips and I swear it has something to do with spending time in the infrared. 

Some benefits of infrared heat: 

+increases circulation which aids in weight loss, faster recovery for muscles, decreases inflammation,  etc.

+aids in detoxification within the skin, clearing out the pores, aiding in clearer, softer skin.

that's just a couple! Infrared heat is so good and I'd encourage you to either find a place you can use an infrared sauna or come practice with me at Bent 🌿  


IF I use products, here they are:   


from: Lush Cosmetics


This is my most favorite face wash I have ever used. It's au natural, smells delicious and leaves my skin feeling like itself (not dry, not oily, just right). It has a clay base, aiding in drawing impurities and toxins out of the skin, but also soothing aloe for irritated or sensitive skin. Has seaweed for nourishment and sea salt for light exfoliating. It is YUM. Smells so earthy and light too. If I use a cleanser, this is it.   

Whys it pink? It has Calamine powder in it and this is GOOD STUFF.



from: Young Living  


Tea tree oil, also known as Melaleuca, has been used for ages and is a very powerful aneceptic used for so many things from treating wounds to killing mold. It has the power to kill several strains of bacteria, fungi and viruses. 

I use tea tree oil as a facial toner. A method of balancing the pH within my skin, removing dirt and toxins from the pores, and balancing the pigment of my skin; removing excess oils and dirt from the skin. I have noticed SUCH a difference in my skin tone since using a toner, it is more balanced out.

why a toner is important: 

WHY OIL QUALITY IS SO IMPORTANT: Something I do want to highlight about using Young Living in particular is that YL is the only oil company that has a Seed to Seal guarantee. This meaning that the entire production of the oil is produced from the seed to the seal at young living farms. Nothing is ever shipped out or harvested elsewhere. This is important because the FDA will approve an oil to be "therapeutic" grade with only 5% of it actually being that, and then that company can label it "100% therapeutic grade". This is FREAKY because who knows what additives are being added into oils! Your skins your largest organ and what you put on it takes less than 30 seconds to enter your blood stream! What are you REEEALLLLLY putting in your body? 



from: OSEA Malibu


I received this product in my CauseBox last spring and I use it all the time! What I love most is that it's a lightweight moisturizer that also protects my skin too. 

Here's a brief description from OSEA's website:  

 "This lightweight moisturizer hydrates and helps provide barrier protection against visible damage caused by environmental stressors such as dry climates, wind and air pollution. USDA certified Organic Algae, Shea Butter and Avocado Oil moisturize and firm skin leaving a matte, silky finish. An OSEA fan favorite for its light, luxurious feel and soothing natural fragrance of pure lavender and geranium." 

In addition, I absolutely love the mission of this company. They work to derive all their ingredients from the core elements of wellness and where they draw their inspiration; ocean, sun, earth, atmosphere. Support small companies that work to make a difference. 

I was using my most favorite light weight moisturizer for a few months from Estee Lauder. After a few weeks of consistent use, I noticed my face was perpetually broke out. Nothing I was doing was clearing it up. I began to look into the different ingredients of the products I was using. The EL moisturizer had wheat and barely protein in it!! I have celiacs disease and therefore CAN NOT have any gluten (wheat and barley both are!!). Within a few days of not using it, my perpetual breakout began to clear up. I found out that my sensitive skin body wash also had gluten, several products in my bathroom did, it was alarming! If it takes less than 30 seconds for what you put on your skin to enter the bloodstream, things that go against your dietary needs/restrictions that are in your beauty products are SO important. 


from: burt's bees


This is the newest thing I have brought into the "regimen". I wanted to incorporate a serum because I kept hearing about all the benefits. I didn't want to spend a million dollars on one and I wanted something that I knew would be gluten free and natural. Burt's bees had good reviews on their serum and so far I really love it.
A serum is a product that has the ability to deliver important nutrients to the skin because it is made of smaller molecules that can penetrate the skin, delivering a high concentration of active ingredients. I was also intrigued to try BB's because its meant to "firm" skin.
This product is nice and light where I can wear it before bed and it hasn't caused any out of the ordinary breakouts and it doesn't feel greasy on my face. It smells like crisp summer air and apples too. In the three weeks I've been using it inconsistently, I have noticed my skin looks and feels firmer and has a refreshed and soft subtle glow. Think of a serum as the green juice of beuty products, its potent, purposeful and powerful.


I hope that you have learned a few things about a handful of the products that have become some of my absolute favorites. Its so important to know where your products come from as well as what actually IS in them. Knowledge is power when it comes to our skin. Always use a heightened awareness when using a new product, weeding out the things that don't serve your skin. Less is more. Keep your regimen simple and whole. And never feel bad for spending the money on products that are quality and work for you. 

love u, liv