MOONDELI: ancient remedies for modern healing

Something I have been so honored to do recently is partner with small businesses that advocate self care through the most ethically sourced components. I have been spending so much time testing products, sifting through the morals of the different companies and analyzing my experience using them. One of my new favorites: Moondeli.

WHAT IS MOONDELI: Moondeli is an incredible company with a profound mission of cultivating easy to incorporate powder tonics inspired by ancient remedies of healing. Taking revered ingredients harvested locally and ethically, making them easy to mix into any juice, smoothie, coffee, etc.




SELF CARE PHILOSOPHY- One of the things I love most about this company is the philosophy behind self care that they advocate. “We believe that self-care only becomes habit when it’s easy and indulgent” ( YES!! I truly believe in this too. I feel that a lot of people see self-care habits as things that require a little more out of them, and therefore they resort to what’s easy. MD strongly emphasizes that taking a couple minutes in your day to step back and prepare yourself a tonic can aid strongly in creating a moment to be mindful. Creating awareness of your body and its needs through the day. They refer to this moment as a tonic herb ritual. A moment, a breath, to step back and to remain present in your body. This is where self-care begins- and it’s so easy!

LOCAL + QUALITY: SEEKING OUT THE BEST- If you know me at all you know I am a huge supporter of the “farm to table” concept when it comes to what goes in my body. Moondeli spent a lot of time seeking out and interviewing farmers and expert food makers and then testing hundreds of recipes while cultivating Moondeli. They strive to have the highest product quality they can while working with organic, fair trade, non-GMO certified suppliers.

NUTRITION- I absolutely love that what they offer in their tonics isn’t just a “greens” or protein powder, it’s so unique and so vital for proper nutrition. They are a company inspired by uniquely powerful ingredients like cacao, maca, turmeric as well as other adaptogens*. They’ve made powders that offer nourishment but also taste delicious no matter what you add it to. This is one of my favorite things! We shouldn’t have to not put good things in our bodies because we can stand the way they taste.

*Adaptogens are herbs, compounds or substances that aid is stabilization of physiological processes, allowing the body to adapt. For example, decreased cellular sensitivitysensitivty to stress.


 01. Bliss Booster
02. Golden Turmeric


BLISS BOOSTER:  Cacao, Maca, Cayenne


I LOVE this powder. Out of all the concoctions of powders I have tried throughout the years, this is one of my most favorite blends. With a little hint of cinnamon and a dash of himalayan salt, this tonic is very well balanced with flavor. A savory, earthy blend with a little spicy kick. This has become my mid-afternoon pickme up. When 4p rolls around and my body is craving that second cup of caffeine, this is what I reach for!

Some of the benefits that Moondeli talks about on their webpage for this blend: Hormone balancing, mood enhancer, metabolism booster, aids in digestion, and so much more! The different wildcrafted and organic ingredients are each packed with nutrition, each component adding another dynamic.  


LEARNING MORE ABOUT MACA- a natural superfood and adaptogen. Aiding the body in adapting to common stressors, while balancing hormones, energy levels, and used as an overall health booster. Maca root boosts the immune system, as well as libido, memory and focus. Rich in vital amino acids, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, vitamin B and so many more.

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE- I definitely notice a energy boost when I drink this! It’s a great substitute to more coffee. I feel that it possibly has helped balance my hormones, as my skin has been recently clearing up from a never ending break out. I love the cayenne in it as well, as it most definitely helps with digestion!

FAVORITE WAY TO PREPARE- I love adding 2 teaspoons and a cup of unsweetened soy milk to my milk frother, and then stirring in ½ teaspoon of turbinado sugar. Like a spicy hot chocolate. SO good.


GOLDEN TURMERIC: Turmeric, Ginger, Black Pepper


This tonic is a very interesting one to drink! I’m not sure how I feel about the black pepper as I have never drank it. I am just now trying to accustom my palette to like things that typically taste like “dirt” or “grass” lol ---Matcha, herby drinks, this powder. It’s tough for me to enjoy something earthy tasting with something creamy like soy/nut milk.

This tonic is brilliant for the digestive system as well as reducing inflammation within the body. It's articulately mapped out, each ingredient helping the next to work well within the body.

LEARNING MORE ABOUT TURMERIC- Turmeric is such a looked over product that I feel is becoming a huge part of the wellness world. Turmeric contains a powerful chemical compound called curcuminoids, which is one of nature’s strongest antioxidants. The supplement curcumin is a potent pain reliever extracted out of the curcuminoids. When you combine curcumin with black pepper, it’s absorbed better within the body, hence Moondelis perfect tonic blend!
Turmeric is anti-inflammatory, said to improve the immune system and cognitive function. With this, it’s shown to keep the memory sharp as well as aid in prevention of alzheimer's.

SO MANY GOOD THINGS, turmeric is such an important nutrient!

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE- I have been incorporating turmeric for a long time in my smoothies and juices. This is nice because it’s high quality and locally sourced, and I love the ginger in combination with the black pepper too. I love incorporating ginger in my juices because I love its benefits within digestion.

FAVORITE WAY TO PREPARE- Combine 5oz orange juice, scoop of greens powder of choice, 1 teaspoon Golden Turmeric Tonic, fill with ice and top with water in large water bottle. Shake and enjoy!




I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little bit more about this amazing company that represents quality assurance, local farming support, as well as a mission of healing the body from the inside out. I am honored to have partnered with Moondeli and represent a company I believe in.

love u, 
xo liv