creative health, release and You.

there is no healthier drug than creativity.
— Nayyriah Waheed

This is something I have been processing for a few months and wanted to share in efforts to possibly inspire you to show up in a different and new way for yourself within the creative realm.

Working in a creative field where I am constantly curating a brand, working my best on consistency, all the while trying to keep the feel of the work fresh and eye catching… at some point or another, I typically end up in the same exhausted space where I feel unmotivated to freely create and express. I’ve been processing this feeling for quite some time and in the last year, I am finally learning a language for this disconnect.

In my work, there is always some sort of todo list of things to envision and create. There is always content that needs created that looks a certain way, feels a certain way, and like I mentioned above, is consistent with the brand. While this makes creating structured and gives direction, I am learning hard and fast that its completely numbing my ability to be creative and imaginative when I am finished for the day with my Job. What I am learning that is necessary as a creative in order to keep harvesting my own unique and original art is this :

As an Artist, it is VITAL to designate time in your schedule to create with no agenda.

I first put this into words in one of my recent posts— “9 RITUALS OF GROUNDING YOU DON’T HAVE TO PUT ON YOUR INSTA STORY” (read it here).

Working in a hyper-creative position gives me the opportunity to decide where I end up within what I create. There is always a goal. I am learning and working towards showing up to designated time with myself where its me and my creative process. No to do, no structure.

What this looks like for me is creating a space, alone, a canvas, paint, brushes, and that’s it. The sky is the limit and there is nowhere that I can’t go in that space. I’ve managed to paint some of my all time favorite pieces in this mode in the last 9 months of being aware + changing the way I show up. Not because I have sought out new inspiration or perfected techniques, but because what comes forth is genuine, real and most importantly, it feels derived out of my soul. Not really even inspired by anything. Just what comes out through the act of presence+ freedom.


The more I explore this place with myself, and the more conversations I have with fellow Artists, I am realizing that when creation becomes your job, there’s an inherent sacrifice that comes along with it. And it happens without even the conscious thought. It’s a sacrifice of your fluid ability to pour out of your most authentic artistry. I firmly believe that we were created TO create. We are all creative in some capacity. Your ability to show up and release the ego, the “vision”, is a direct reflection of how what is within you will come out. Many of us put a halt to what we are capable of because we allow fear to tell us that what we offer is not valuable. When you allow yourself to be seen creatively, you hold space for connection between you and the rest of the world.

So, choose. Become aware. Listen in. Step OUT.
It takes intention. The relationship between you and what you create to put into this world.